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I am a mother of two children and have been doing readings and healings for over 13 years. My greates joy is seeing the changes people make in their lives just by changing how they preceive things.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I am always so amazed at how the universe works in regards to answering our prayers. All the signs and messages we received to show us we are on the right path and even how the universe answers our questions even before we are aware of the questions. In making some major life changes, every step of the way, I had received confirmations that what I was doing the decisions I were making were aligned with my highest good. When I asked for a sign and I meant a real sign like neon, something I couldn't miss, something that would let me know that I was making a right decision for me. And I got it! In the form of a licence plate! My daughter and I have a habit of reading licence plates and the answer to one of my questions was on the licience plate on the car in front of us and just to make sure I didn't miss the answer spirit worked thru my daughter to make sure that I didn't miss it.
I know that alot of people spend time in prayer and some spend alot of time in meditation and I believe that God/Goddess is answering our prayers by giving us these little "God Winks" to let us know he/she is listening and the signs and messages and even dreams are our answers to these request. May you allow yourselves to be open to the signs, look for them, even state the kind you want. Okay, I didn't get the neon sign, but it was written out so that I wouldn't miss it and that's what's important.
So may everyone have a Happy Holiday and as we move into the New Year may your abundance be overflowing!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


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May you all be blessed with abundance
of all good things.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Dear Friends,

I have been asked to circulate this information channeled through me last week from Ascended Master Kuthumi. It is an excerpt from the Goddess Athena 7D Initiation. Please feel free to share it with others on your mail list. Conditions are that no info be altered or deleted and that the source of the information be acknowledged.

"Lord Kuthumi, can you please help me with what Luke’s going through at the moment. How can I support him, and survive?!!"

"You and many other parents are feeling the same way at the moment. There is a very volatile energy currently circling your planet. This energy is connected to the dark pocket of energy we spoke about some time ago, that has come into being as a result of humanity’s negative behaviour & thought forms. This volatile energy has been attracted as a result of these dark clouds or pockets of energy. Children are reacting to this for they are aware of the fact that if this energy is able to penetrate, it will impact on their consciousness dramatically. This is one of the reasons why lightworkers are being pushed, sometimes interpreted as forcefully pushed, to get their act together, to sort their nonsense out and move forward.

I do not often come as a bearer of negative news, but seeing as you have asked it is my duty to give you the truth. This volatile energy is scanning your planet for an entry point. It has been attracted because of the vibrations of fear and negativity currently in the ethers. The Masters have accelerated the processes brought on by the initiations being experienced worldwide. We have not harped too much on what is happening on a dark scale, so to speak, for we do not wish to amplify that energy. We have chosen to focus on motivating lightworkers into taking responsibility for the sake of the children and the survival of Goddess Gaia.

The children reacting at this time are the crystal children, the golden children and many of the dolphin children. The reason for this is because it is their future that is most at risk at this time. If this dark energy takes root, it will strengthen the probes currently within the cerebral spinal fluid in what we will refer to as "unconscious parents". This means many parents will not respond as was hoped to the influx of new energy regarding the support of their children emotionally, mentally and physically. This means less attention to details such as what children are exposed to through the media, and what is put in their bodies.

On a consciousness level children know what their bodies need, but in their physical body it is often difficult for them to express what they need, especially if they are in the toddler stage; therefore all the spirit parents of these children are the closest they have ever been to the planet and are pushing the energy into the etheric field of the children and the parents. It is even more amplified for conscious parents because you are also being pushed to release from within yourself that which reflects or resembles a negative or volatile energy. Therefore a combined effort of lightworkers, conscious parents, and the crystal, golden and dolphin children are working together to shatter that volatile energy.

This is weighing heavily upon these children especially the ones under the age of 5 years old. Parents, yes, it is difficult, but try and centre yourself within the energy of the masters. Work with the spirit parents, and they will guide you with what needs to be done. Sometimes it is something very simple such as going to sit in nature and playing a game with the child that diffuses that volatile energy. Because there is frustration regarding lack of communication between parent and toddler it amplifies both parties’ aggravation and an explosive situations arise and this feeds that volatile energy circling your planet. Commander Ashtar and the team of Lord Sananda are on standby already; we are monitoring the process, but it is up to the lightworkers resident within the system of earth to destroy the energy from the inside so that is seals the etheric plane of Planet Earth, not giving the energy a doorway in. If we destroy from the outside, all it will do is delay the process temporarily because the pockets of energy are still there and they will magnetically draw more of those dark energies. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Is that why all the little ones have got the cough at the moment? Is the cough related to that."

"Yes, it is. It is their heart space. It is around their belief systems and their ability to try and express what is in their heart. They know what is going on. They can sense it. Many of these young children are having to deal with this energy in their sleep time; therefore many parents I’m sure are finding their children having very restless sleep patterns at night as well. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do."

"Our suggestion is to place Rescue Remedy in their bodies internally. Take Rescue Remedy in its liquid form, place it on your hands, rub it together and stroke it through their energy fields. Is this clear?"

"Yes. I’ve really been struggling to get rid of the cough and mucus. How can we? I’ve tried everything – all the healings, all the remedies …"

"Leave it alone for now. Nothing will change it. Nothing will heal it from a physical external perspective. You all need to work with the energy around the planet. "

"Thank you."

"You are welcome."

"Lord Kuthumi, does this mean that to be able to better help, to seal off this energy from the inside, lightworkers should get in massive groups and state the intent to seal off these energies from seeping through?"

"This will be helpful; however the lightworkers also need to work with the issues at hand within themselves. Is this clear?"

"Yes. "

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Angels Speak

Welcome, welcome, it is good to be here with you tonite! I Am the seven rays from the seven suns, I Am RhenSarah, of the Angelic realm. I come to express to you all who are participating in this earthly experience, how proud we, from the angelic realm, are of you. How strong you all have been in the past months and to let you know, that all though you know not what you do on the many other levels of consciousness, we see much work has been done in clearing of your planet and of healing that which needed to be healed. Every single person on this planet has participated in one way or another. Many during your dream state. Many prayers were answered as they were appropriate without going against the free will of others life purpose or mission or contract. And we wish to thank you all and to say, "Keep Up The Good Work"! Many issues of survival and safety and even faith came to the surface to be healed and not one of you were left alone. We of the angelic realm never left your side, nor will we!
We come today to ask you to remember us, and that we are here with you. Because of the Law of Free Will, there are somethings we must receive a request for, so ASK! There is no thing too small or too large we are here to assist you in anyway possible. Remember:
Ask--it is given.
Pray--it is answered.
Command---and know that it is Done.
Now, some of you may have a hard time commanding anything, so let us explain. To command something, means to bring forth, co-create, work together. Now if one was to demand something it would mean to push way, it is a control issue. It puts the wrong energy behind the request to accomplish goal or desired outcome. So we say unto you, yes it is ok to respectfully command a desired outcome, then we ask you to let it go and have trust and faith it is done. You requested, we answer. Now maybe not in your time frame, but in Divine Timing.

Imagine if you will, you make a request, how ever you choose to request it, then imagine if you will, that you have placed your request in a balloon. Now let go of the balloon. One of us from the Angelic realm will snatch it up and deliver it to God/Goddess. Just remember that if you try to snatch that balloon back, and control how or where the balloon will float off to, it makes very hard, but not impossible, to answer your request, it just may take a little longer.

It gives us great joy to be of service to you in anyway possible! We are all so proud of you all! We Love You and Wish Well. Bye for now.
I Am RhenSarah

Message given through Kristin

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh, Great Spirit…

Oh, Great Spirit…….I stand proud and tall before you,
My feet planted firmly upon Mother Earth,
With my arms outstretched to fully embrace the Winds from the four directions.
I surrender to you, Great Spirit, All that I AM and all that I may become.
I give thanks for all that Mother Earth has provided.
I thank you: For the trees, that shelter us and keep us warm.
For the rocks, which give us a strong foundation on which to build upon.
For the water, which quenches our thirst and cleanses our Souls.
And for the animals, those who provide food for our tables and
for the ones who bring comfort to our hearts.

I give thanks to the Winds In The Four Direction:

To the East… for the Visions, that create the future.
To the South… for the children, that show us Joy.
To the West….for healing our hearts.
To the North…. For the wisdom of the ancestors who have gone before us.

I thank you for each season, which brings a healing to each and everyone of us.
But, most of all Great Spirit, I thank you for wrapping me in your loving embrace and for letting me know that I do not walk alone.
Help me to find “The Way”And to have the Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Understanding
And above all…. Love in all that comes my way.
I now claim Great Spirit.... All that I AM and all that I may become!

By Kristin Boozer